P1010404Year 11 students and staff at Harrow Way are celebrating the news this morning that their 2013 GCSE results are the school’s best ever. 53.3 % achieved five GCSE grade Avada.zip to C passes including Maths and English – up 6% from 2012 and 10% from 2011. Nearly 70% (67%) achieved five GCSE Avada.zip to C – again another record for the school.

Maths and English achieved their best results ever. Maths A*-C grades improved by 9% to 68% and English A*-C grades improved by 10% to 67%. The school is particularly pleased that 99.4% of students who left Harrow Way achieved five GCSE grade Avada.zip to G – all of which are strong indicators of the fine teaching delivered by the school.

Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “These are the first set of results under my headship and I am delighted that the initiatives we have instigated, the hard work and commitment of both teaching staff and students have delivered our best ever results. As well as academic excellence we also place huge emphasis on our enrichment programme to ensure students gain the maximum benefit and opportunities during their time at Harrow Way. sildenafil Not only will they leave well educated, they also leave having been exposed to many new experiences and opportunities which will help shape them for a successful future. This is an excellent achievement and great news for students, parents and the community. Next year our aspirations are even higher, as we strive continually for improvement in all that we do. We are looking forward with great anticipation for even greater accolades for very student in the school.”

During 2013 the school has focused on a number of key objectives which have contributed considerably to the GCSE performance. Notably these include the Gifted and Talented programme, designed to stretch intellect and inspire students. Within the overall results there were a number of individual success stories. Head Boy Anthony Wharton is celebrating eleven A/A* grades, Katie Dutton is celebrating ten A/A* grades, Abby Wheeler is celebrating nine A/A* and two B grades, Georgia Cook is celebrating nine A/A* and two B grades, Amy Tilbury is celebrating nine A/A* grades, Georgina Harris is celebrating eight A/A* grades and Victoria Wells is celebrating eight A/A* and three B grades.

Harrow Way will be hosting an Open Evening on Tuesday 24 September 2013, 6.30pm to 9.00pm for prospective families wishing to learn more about the school. Open Mornings will also be held on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 September 9.15am to 10.30am.