Year 7 Rounders:  Harrow Way won 14 – Test Valley 12 1/2

Team:  Bowler: Eliza Simmonds, Backstop: Holly Phillips, 1st base: Amy Knight, 1st deep: Katie Jenkins, 2nd base: Rebecca Tommony, 2nd deep: Kayleigh Wheeler, 3rd base: Tash-Ann Henry, 3rd deep: Emily Cox, 4th base: Kia Prosser (Capt), Reserve 1: Mia Campbell

Congratulations to the Coach’s and Players’ Player: Tash-Ann Henry


Year 8 Rounders:  Harrow Way won 11 – Test Valley 4

Team:  Bowler: Amy Griffiths, Backstop: Shelby Truscott, 1st base: Ellie White (Capt), 1st deep: Alexia Trengrove, 2nd base: Louisa Jones, 2nd deep: Ellie Millings, 3rd base: Georgia Healey, 3rd deep: Georgina Butler, 4th base: Amy Elkins, Reserve 1: Mia Larkin, Reserve 2: Taya Heathershaw

Congratulations to the Coach’s and Players’ Player: Amy Elkins


Year 9 Rounders:  Harrow Way lost 17 – John Hanson 20 1/2

Team:  Bowler: Tia Dewhurst, Backstop: Holly Healey, 1st base: Britney Enright, 1st deep: Misha Harris, 2nd base: Ella Shadwell, 2nd deep: Ella Taylor, 3rd base: Amy McDonald, 3rd deep: Jessica Lee, 4th base: Kiera Grimison, Reserve 1: Leonie Pitts, Reserve 2: Georgia Fretton, Reserve 3: Emma Andrews

Congratulations to the Coach’s Player: Tia Dewhurst and Players’ Player: Kiera Grimison