Harry Smallbones 1Hot on the heels of their record breaking GCSE results, Harrow Way Community School have started the 2014 academic with another new record. According to the awarding body OCR (Oxford Cambridge RSA) Year 9 student, Harry Smallbones, age 14, is officially the second youngest person ever to get an Avada.zip in GCSE Computer Science.

As early as Year 7 it was evident to Harry’s teachers that he was a bright boy and that year completed his Level 2 ICT Functional Skills qualification. According to awarding body EdExcel this is a Year 11 qualification which is the equivalent to a B grade at GCSE and Harry was only 12 years old.

Andrew Woods, Head of ICT at Harrow Way said: “We knew very early on that Harry was gifted at Computer Science and, although he was very young, we knew he had the ability to take the GCSE in Year 9. We worked with Harry throughout the year and he also put in a lot of independent study to ensure he was fully prepared for his exam and could successfully complete his controlled assessment. Everyone’s efforts hugely paid off as on GCSE results day we learned that Harry had achieved 86% for his controlled assessment and an incredible 100% in his exam. These outstanding scores gave him an Avada.zip a full two years early!”

As with all Gifted and Talented students at Harrow Way Harry will be stretched and challenged to reach his full potential. Amongst a number of opportunities the school is in talks with Andover College exploring the possibility of Harry taking A Level Computer Science.

GCSE Computer Science gives learners a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works and provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in Computer Science. The subject has wider benefits too such as helping to develop critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills.