Governing Body

What is the role of the Governing Body?

Governing bodies are responsible and accountable for all major decisions about the school and its future. The Governing Body has, enshrined in the Education Act 2002, a legal responsibility to, ‘conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school’.

We are exceptionally proud of our school and absolutely committed to ensuring that the school is a great place to learn, work, develop and be part of a wider community. We continue to work effectively with the school’s senior leadership team to collaboratively achieve the school vision, as together, we will nurture, inspire, challenge and achieve.

As you may be aware, the role of the governing board is a strategic one with three key functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction,
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils,
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The governors do not get involved in the day to day running of the School; this is the responsibility of the Headteacher and the Staff. Should you have any issues or concerns about your child’s education, his/her tutor is always the first point of contact.

Group Memberships
Link Governors
Statutory Documents

For any Governance related queries, including requests for meeting minutes, information on how to become a Governor or other documentation, please contact the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs A Carrott  in the first instance with your request.


Mrs T Hampton
Chair of Governors

I was brought up in Andover and am proud to say I was a student at Harrow Way School. As I live and work locally, I want to support and give something back to the community and would like to do all I can to ensure Harrow Way becomes the first school of choice for all its catchment families. My son is currently a student at the school.

I have been a Governor at Harrow Way School since 2010. I was appointed a Parent Governor initially and am now a Co-Opted Governor. I am Chair of the Students and Curriculum Committee and Vice Chair of the Governing body.

I currently work in education and therefore have an insight into the very challenging political and financial issues facing all of our schools. I also know that being a parent affords me a view from both sides of the fence, which gives me a rounded view of school life.

Mrs S Taplin
Vice Chair of Governors

After an early career in sales and marketing I have discovered my niche as a Learning & Development Manager. I presently work for a specialist, charitable awarding organisation offering vocational and technical qualifications in a range of service sectors, within their HR Department.

I have a particular interest in encouraging girls to continue with STEM subjects along with careers guidance for our children and apprenticeships – I believe that our children should aim higher! Being a Governor fulfils my need to contribute to our local community.

Presently I am Vice Chair of Governors, Chair for Students & Curriculum and work with the Staffing and PPD Committees

Mr Michael Serridge
Headteacher & Governor

I am the Head Teacher at Harrow Way Community School. I have been in post since September 2012, having previously worked at Eggar’s School, Alton Hampshire. This was graded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas on 2 occasions by Ofsted. I have been a qualified Ofsted inspector, a specialist leader of education (SLE) and a data consultant for the SSAT. I have worked in 3 Hampshire Schools over a period of 25 years.

Harrow Way was inspected in July 2013. Ofsted commented that “The Head Teacher has high expectations of the school, which is shared with staff, students, governors and parents. His aspirations for student permeate the school and are shared by senior and middle leaders, who support his commitment and vision. These factors contribute significantly to the schools very strong capacity for further improvement.”

Mr A Thomson
Co-opted Governor

I was educated at Portobello High, a 2000+ pupil, comprehensive school in Edinburgh. This gave me an excellent start in life and enabled me to go to University (in the days before fees and loans). I want Harrow Way’s pupils to get the same opportunity I was given to achieve academic (and sporting) success.

After 25 years in the Army I now run an infrastructure company that delivers all the Army’s facilities in Tidworth, Bulford and Larkhill. I therefore take a keen interest in the school’s infrastructure and the cleaning, catering and repair services it receives. As a company director I wish to ensure the school is run on a sound financial basis.

Mrs S Grover

I have lived in Andover all my life and am happy to say I was a student at Harrow Way School. I live locally and work for the Ministry of Defence. Both my children have been students at Harrow Way and the eldest is now a teacher in a local primary school and my other daughter is currently at Winchester University studying to become a teacher.

I have been a Governor at Harrow Way School since 2001. I was appointed a Parent Governor initially and am now a Co-Opted Governor. I am Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

My role within the MOD is within the finance department so I understand the issues facing public sector departments and the squeeze on budgets. The processes within both departments are very similar.

Due to both children still being involved within education, allows me to have a good insight into what is happening and the impact certain initiatives are having also having been a parent allows me to have balanced view.

Mr M Dovey
Health & Safety Link Governor

I have lived and worked in the Andover area for over 30 years. I am a Production Engineer by qualification and spent much of my later career as a Programme Manager in the MOD with responsibility for multi-million pound projects. I am also the Chairman of a small maintenance company looking after a block 4 flats in the Christchurch area.

In 2012 I took early retirement and now work as a self employed gardener in and around the Andover area. With fewer responsibilities, more time, and a desire to put something back into the community I became a School Governor in 2014. I am a co-opted Governor and sit on the Finance and General Purpose Committee where my financial management skills and my knowledge regarding Health and Safety can be used to best effect.

Mr G Davis
Co-opted Governor

As an ex-pupil myself and now employed by the school since 2003 as IT Network Manager, I have a long history with Harrow Way and have worked with the previous three Head Teachers.

My job sees me working closely with staff across the school, a wide cross section of students, the SLT, feeder (and other local) primary schools, the local authority and external agencies. This work gives me a very broad insight into the functioning of Harrow Way and informs input I’m able to provide as a staff governor. I also work with young people leading outdoor education activities in Hampshire outdoor centres and with a computer gaming company where I help to provide technical infrastructure for the largest gaming festivals in the UK.

I am committed to helping ensure that Harrow Way’s students are provided with the best possible individual opportunities, be they academic, practical or extra-curricular.

Dr A Marshall
Co-opted Governor

I joined in 2018 as a co-opted governor following a request in the school newsletter for new people. I had only been involved with the school for about a year but had been impressed by the school’s pastoral care and the staff enthusiasm and dedication so evident in school events and shows.

My own upbringing and education was in London, I went to Southampton University and then qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1981 at the Maudsley Hospital. I am married and have 3 grown up children and a teenager who attended Harrow Way.

With nearly 40 years’ experience working in mental health in the NHS and as a foster carer for Hampshire County Council, I am very concerned by the rising levels of anxiety, low self-esteem and in some cases, serious mental health issues in school aged children. In my role as a governor, I am keen to support the school with well-being initiatives and I am Vice-Chair of the student and curriculum committee, governor for SEND and a link governor with 100% attendance at meetings this year.

Mr D Mumford
Co-opted Governor

I joined in 2019 as a co-opted parent governor at the same time as my youngest son joined the school as a student. I have been an Andover resident my entire life so I know the community well and I was also a student myself at Harrow Way. During the time that I have been a governor, I have been slowly getting involved more and more with the schools progress and have to say I am impressed with the head and the schools offering especially their focus on safeguarding students and special educational needs. I am a member of the F&GP, PPD and S&C committees and Chair for Governors’ Discipline Committee.

When I left Harrow Way myself as a student, I attended Cricklade College (now Andover College) where I gained 3 A-levels. I soon entered into the working world where initially I trained as an accountant but later entered into an IT project team for business system implementations. I have been working with IT Business systems now for 22+ years in various roles from Project Manager, Department Manager to Developer and Consultant. In my spare time I play squash, swim regularly, play the piano, cook and have a fondness towards animals and nature.

I have strong experience in business procedures and project management methodologies as well as a keen interest in schooling, not only as a parent of 3 but with both my parents being teachers I was raised in the environment. I hope to bring these and other skill sets to the board to offer strong support towards the school.

Mr A Gill
Co-opted Governor

As a parent with a strong interest in education and close family ties to the local area, I believe Harrow Way plays a crucial role in the development of Andover’s young people and the wider community. I am passionate about the value of inclusive education and the positive impact this has on society. Seeing these values echoed in the school’s ethos I look forward to supporting the excellent leadership team to continue to deliver on the school’s ambitions.

Having worked in higher education for a number of years and from my own time at school, I know how important a person’s school years are in giving them the choices they need to go on and have a filled and productive life, whether that involves college, university, or another route. In my professional role at a university, I have a strong understanding of education policy that I can bring to the role of governor at Harrow Way. I also have good experience in delivering community outreach. Other professional skills include stakeholder engagement, project management, and partnerships.

Mr J Harrison-Walsh
Co-opted Governor

I am a former student of Harrow Way Community School having left the school in 2010 I went on to study at Andover College. I was excited to join the governing body as Co-opted governor to support the continuation of the high standards of teaching and support offered to students at the school. Harrow Way truly prepares children for the future while supporting their pastoral care need in addition to fuelling their ambition and creativity.

After a career in recruitment training, sales, and marketing, I recently returned to education and have begun the journey towards earning a doctorate in Political Science. My primary research field is US foreign policy analysis with a particular focus on the proliferation of liberal hegemony. I have a keen interest in musical theatre and serve as Production Officer for Andover Musical Theatre Company committee.

Mrs V Seren
Co-opted Governor

As a pupil, Harrow Way nurtured and developed me, allowing me opportunities to learn and grow in a safe supportive environment. The core values I learnt from my time as a student still help shape my life and the choices I make today.

When I left Harrow Way I attended college and then onto University, after achieving my degree I returned to Harrow Way where I currently hold the position of Assistant SENCo.

As a member of staff, Harrow Way has enabled me to ensure that others can have the same opportunities as I did, to learn and grow in an equally safe and supportive environment.

As a governor I wish to safeguard these practises for both our current and future students so that we all continue to benefit from being in the Harrow Way family.

Mrs F Dunn
Co-opted Governor

I have been involved with Schools since 2006 when I was a ‘Community Governor’ at a Primary School in Wandsworth, London.  As a Nurse with 35 years’ experience and a specialism in School Nursing and Sexual Health, I have a passion for ensuring that our young people have the best provision available to make informed decisions about their lives and the education that supports this to see them become rounded individuals.

I am a parent with 2 ‘grown-up’ sons, one who is Autistic and works full time for the NHS in a Safeguarding role and the other is a serving soldier. I have three Grandchildren for whom we moved to Andover 10 years ago to assist with support.  I now live and work locally to Andover having commuted to London daily for 8 years.

Mrs K Deans
Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Andover most of my life, except for a few years in America after attending Andover College. Currently I work for a high street bank, where I have been since finishing my degree in Psychology and Criminology.

My daughter started at Harrow Way in September 2020, where I also attended school, and I wished to give something back to the school, student and community. I hope to bring a parent view to the well-being of the students and support wherever I can.

Outside of work, my spare time is taken up with helping to run a Girl Guide Unit and all the activities that comes with.

Membership of Governors’ Committees

Committee Members
Planning, Performance & Development Mrs S Grover, Mrs T Hampton, Mr D Mumford, Mr M Serridge, Mrs S Taplin
Staffing & Pay Mrs S Grover, Mrs T Hampton, Mr M Serridge, Mrs S Taplin
Finance & General Purposes Mr G Davis, Mr M Dovey, Mrs S Grover, Mr D Mumford, Mr M Serridge, Mr A Thomson
Students/Curriculum Mrs S Grover, Mrs T Hampton, Dr A Marshall, Mr D Mumford Mr M Serridge, Mrs S Taplin